Essex Limo Hire is one of largest limo hire companies in the area. We provide limo hire services for all purposes, including Weddings, Parties, Anniversaries, Hen Nights and Corporate travel. Our services are available throughout all London areas, as well as within and around the M25.

We have the very latest in limousines available for hire, as well as up to 25 different limousines for hire at any time, enabling you to choose the best limo for your event.

Our prices are competitive and ordering is quick and easy. You can either order online via our online form or you can contact us by free phone number above.

If you are unsure what limo you would like to hire please call and tell us the nature of the event so we can best advise you.

Limousine Services – Simply Way to Show-Off Style and Sophistication

There are countless of stylish and important events that might need your presence. In such situation, riding a cab is a big NO, NO! It will be classier if you employ limo service since this provides much positive impression. Now, limousines are no longer limited to famous and rich individuals. There are countless of modern service provider today that offers limo to fit almost any needs.  Hiring one is simple.

Limos provided by rental services are glamorous and stylish too, they ensure that you will arrive with style and grabbing all the attention of people around. You will definitely not go unnoticed. If you do not have experience in renting one before, below are some tips that can aid in choosing the best limo services, and avoid unnecessary difficulties along-the-way.

Remember that Cheap is not always Better

Majority of people today prefer cheaper services because of difficult financial times. However, there is some situation that needs to be exempted. Even if affordable limo serves as your major interest, you need to consider the fact that this type of service might be holding undesirable traits and the limo itself might need serious Tender Love and Care. When looking for reliable service provider, remember similar principle whenever you purchase products. In short, “you will only get what you have paid for”.

Check Operator’s License

Limousine service provider must have operator’s license. They are obligated to have this on hand all the time since there are government regulation that are in place where you company is requested to comply with to legalize transaction. If you wanted to test their character, this is by asking for their operator’s license. Once they refuse of showing it to you, this serves as a clear indication that there hiding something from you, which is not something good.

Commercial Liability Insurance

All limo service provider needs to hold sufficient amount of insurance. You may request permission from them to see their insurance certificate.

Check Customer Review

Since services now are being promoted in the internet, you can also find reliable customer feedback which will guide you if the limo is worthy of your money and trust. Word-of-mouth referrals are certainly the best, but if you have no one to ask for simply go online and check testimonials before closing any deal. Internet is the best method to conduct research.

Bear in mind that limousine are essential made for comfort. This is one of the best ways to establish unsurpassed impression, allow people to see your pride and get high regard of admiration. Limousine can make loved ones feel special, particularly if you take them to romantic places. This provides immeasurable comfort, and portrays prosperity and class even if hired. Limousine is created using state of the art technology to provide comfortable travel. It’s is well fitted with high quality seats, hydraulics and driven by professional chauffeurs. Moreover, this will also make you feel confident, you can mingle with other people with positive aura.

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